Thursday, August 25, 2005


Our baby ZERLYNDE is ONE year old today!

Her 50 "achievements" to date

1. crawl with straightened hands
2. crawl up and down stairs
3. stand with little support
4. “walk” with support
5. sway body frontward and backward rhythmically
6. open & close hands to song "twinkle twinkle little stars"
7. point with index finger
8. pick small items with 2 fingers
9. carry spoon to mouth
10. hold a pen & scribble with help
11. open and close lids to milk bottle, boxes
12. attempt to wear mummy’s spectacles
13. say "mama", "papa", "mummum", "fish", "meow", "no", "picture"
14. babble short "sentences"
15. understand and obey commands "give it to mummy, please", "no", “come”
16. shake head repeatedly to indicate "no"
17. wave "bye-bye" and do "flying kiss"
18. kiss and “sayang” on request
19. raise hand on command
20. remove and place rings on a tower cone
21. turn pages of book
22. nest series of boxes
23. push herself forward with her feet in a kiddy car
24. play peek-a-boo with scarves and dresses
25. express happiness, hunger, displeasure
26. prefer certain people to others
27. develop sense of humor
28. give affection to soft toys
29. mimic action of others
30. intently watch people and their activities
31. help hold cup for drinking
32. search for hidden object if she sees it hidden
33. love music and move body and arms to music
34. have preference for certain songs
35. identify body parts like "ear"
36. pretend to cough
37. give "high five"
38. place mobile phone by ear
39. blow into mummy and daddy's belly button
40. slap self on cheek or pull own hair when agitated
41. dislodge hats and head bands from head
42. search for source of mummy's milk
43. clap hands to music and in self-approval
44. intently watch baby programmes on tv for 20 minutes
45. intently focus on flash cards for more than 10 minutes
46. aware of social approval and disapproval
47. try to win applause
48. assert self with other babies
49. tease and test parental limits
50. bring lots of joy to her parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.......

Thank you for sharing with us our joy and happiness.

Kenzu and Hooi Lin


5 other "achievements"

51. clap her feet
52. scratch & sniff her favourite books
53. pluck her guitar strings
54. steer a steering wheel
55. pinch mummy and daddy