Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dinner at Lobsterman

There was a write-up about the place in the Star. So we decided to check it out 2 weeks ago. I like the lobster with noodle. The termidor is only so-so. I must commend however on the extraordinary services offered at Lobsterman. Their photographer took our picture and gave us a complimentary copy. Now, isn't that nice? (unlike in Club Med Cherating where they charge us RM12/- per picture!)

Zuwern at 16 months

Zerlynde 's Fascination with Mermaids

My ke-po daughter Zerlynde is now sitting on my lap and is insisting that I blog the following:

"Zerlynde loves to watch 611"
"Ariel & Flounder & the lobster"
"Ariel's daddy"
"I want Ariel's tail"
"A scissors"
"Ariel went to the shark's place"

p.s. Zerlynde calls herself Ariel and her brother Flounders

Evening Strolls

Weekdays, Zuwern and Zerlynde get very impatient around 6pm for papa to come home from work. The highlight of the day is a stroll around the neighbourhood and a visit to our neighbours' dogs and rooster. Zerlynde too loves the opportunity to cycle around.

No More Fighting..?

Zerlynde and Zuwern have been fighting over the red super car the past weeks. So, Daddy bought a green one for Zuwern to stop the fighting. We thought our problem has been solved but no, now both of them want the new one.


Kenzu bought an iPhone lately. A friend came over to help him with some installation. So, I too brought out the iPod I bought for Kenzu's birthday in 2006 to finally upload some music for him. We are now confirmed Apple converts.

41 Months Old and Sporting a New Hairstyle

I am 3 years and 5 months and I have a fringe..!

Zerlynde and her cousin Ke-Ying were playing "snip, snip!" with a pair of scissors while we were busy admiring Kenzu's new iPhone. Then, somebody shouted something about a haircut and before we could even finished uttering "Oh! My God!", part of Ke-Ying's hair and the front portion of Zerlynde's hair were snipped off. Zerlynde decided to play barber for the day. Anyway, so mummy had to trim her hair after that.