Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A Painful but Miraculous Journey

My mum was diagnosed with recurrence cervical cancer mid August of this year. When we were first told the news, we were told to expect the worse. All 3 of us there; my sister Hooi Khee, my mum and I broke down in tears.

After a 2 month journey of 4 treatments of chemotherapy and various other applications including traditional chinese medicine, supplements, herbs, juicing, etc., we were advised by her oncologist yesterday that her current PET scan shows her 2 tumours to have completely "disappeared".

I looked at Dr Ang and said in astonishment, "This is a miracle". And he humbly replied, "God works miracles".

So many friends have walked this journey with us, praying, supporting and caring for my family and I in so many ways, I cannot thank them enough. But mostly, I believe fervently that it is God who has listened to our prayers and who has healed my mum.

This journey is a very personal one for my family and I, but I have chosen to share this personal account because I want this simple short story to inspire those who are facing similar obstacles in life, to comfort and impress on them that there is always hope, even for the hopeless.

As for mum, she will continue with her treatments for a little while longer, but now with even more faith and with a fiercer spirit for a beautiful life ahead.

For me, I am re-awakened to the fact that life is precious and unpredictable, that life is a present, and that reality is not always visible or logical or tangible.

Life is indeed a mystery, a miracle. Or is it, really?


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