Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Queensbay Mall

Hubby and I decided to check out Queensbay Mall last Sunday. We reckoned the crowds should have thinned down by then since it's been more than a week since its opening. (And we were fortunately right, there was no traffic congestion!) What drove us there was also Paddington's House of Pancakes. We wanted to give Zerlynde a treat since it's the weekend. Since we had two days earlier bought a car seat, it was possible for the two of us to bring along both our little treasures. To our surprise, except for the initial few minutes, Zerlynde did not kick a fuss about being strapped to the car seat. Perhaps it's because we coaxed and cajoled her and kept referring to her as "Superman" (She has of late developed an awe and fascination for "Superman" I don't know how or why!) She must have been convinced that the car seat was something very much approved by "Superman"!

The Mall was very huge, more than 80% of the stores were already opened but the information booths were still unmanned. Fortunately after half an hour walking to and fro north and south wings, and from Mezannine to the second floor, we managed to find Paddington and had a satisfying meal there. We then headed for Borders which was much better stocked than had been anticipated.

We spent an hour at the children's corner until Zerlynde fell asleep. Then we browsed through the other sections, bought a few books and went straight home. Zerlynde absolutely loves Karen Katz's Counting Kisses and Where's Baby's Belly Button we bought her and has been asking for them to be read every night since. The other books we got her were Margaret Wise Brown's Goodnight Moon, Eric Carle's The Lonely Firefly and two I Spy books. I got myself Sue Townsend's Queen Camilla and hubby a cookbook on Tapas.

I wanna go back to Queensbay Mall soon to try out the cakes at Bakerzin which was highly recommended by a good friend....... and of course, check out the other stores ;)


After having waited for its release in the stores for more than a year, hubby and I finally watched Gubra. I love Sepet and have the utmost respect for Yasmin Ahmad but Gubra, in my opinion, tries a little too hard to convey a message. One can't help but wonder at the end of the film what the plot is.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada

I love the film, and Oh.... the clothes! Meryl Streep deserves an Oscar if you asked me. Anne Hathaway's so adorable, and Simon Baker is hmmm..., absolutely sexy! Got a copy of the novel to read after watching the movie, not bad, but the film far surpasses the book. Who can blame me now for yearning for a Prada handbag??!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Exciting KL

Kenzu drove us to KL on the 13th of November and we were there for almost 3 weeks. Without a maid, both mum and I had to do the housework ourselves but luckily we still managed to find some time to do a few interesting stuffs. We brought Zerlynde to Kids Zone at Plaza Damas twice, also to Paddington for pancakes which she simply loved. On the 19th, Kenzu invited some close friends and relatives for lunch at this restaurant called Krystal Palm to celebrate our Zuwern’s belated full moon. Everyone there marvelled at how much our little one looked like his daddy. We went to the same restaurant exactly a week later to celebrate Kenzu's mum’s birthday. We also somehow managed to spend a few hours at Ikea on a Saturday evening to look for a bed for Zerlynde. And just 2 days before we left KL, I had the luxury of spending some time on my own window shopping at One-Utama. We also spared some time on our last evening in KL to bring Zerlynde to see the Christmas decorations at BSC where we chanced upon a group of carolers dressed as Santa Claus and Santarinas.

The highlight of our trip was our one-night stay at KL Hilton. Kenzu got us an exec suite which entitled us to eat and drink FOC throughout our entire stay there at the exec lounge on the 33rd floor, so we all stuffed ourselves silly, going to the lounge for tea, dinner, supper and breakfast the following day. They were very generous with the food. Kenzu was impressed they even served Kobe beef. We couldn’t bring Zerlynde to the pool located on the 8th floor the first day we were there as it was drizzling, so we made do with the bath tub in the room. Fortunately the weather was lovely the following morning, so we managed to spend half an hour in the kids pool after breakfast. Our room was nice, very modern and sleek. The bathroom was huge, with a large bath tub and a mini television one can watch while enjoying one’s bath or shower. But baby friendly it definitely was not! The bathroom was separated from the bedroom by sliding doors without locks. And we had a hard time keeping Zerlynde away from playing with the water taps in the bathroom!

The other highlight was our visit to Mee Lin’s house at Shah Alam. She recently moved there and on that particular day of our visit, engaged 2 artists from Art Attack to do some art mural in the theme of oceanic creatures on one of the walls in her son, Iwan’s room. Zerlynde was so excited to be there and kept herself busy “painting” on some papers. She later spent some time playing with Iwan and by the time we left 4 hours later, Mee Lin and George proclaimed her not the angel they were initially fooled into believing.

An extra bonus to Zerlynde came in the form of a visit to her aunt Yvonne’s apartment where she spent half an hour in the pool with her cousin Ke-Ying.

Kenzu and I also managed to go out once without our “little monster”, to a friend’s wedding garden party at this Italian restaurant called Ciao along Jalan Tun Razak. I really had a great time that evening, catching up with some good friends.

In short, we all had a fantastic time in KL. Kenzu was very happy that he could see us every day. Zerlynde was happy as, on top of all the outings and the daily bubble baths, her daddy brought her out every morning to see the neighbours’ dogs and she got to play with her auntie Kitty every evening. Mum and I were, despite all the housework, not too exhausted, and grew to love our morning routine of fresh milk and cereals for breakfast. Unfortunately, mum sprained one of her toes during our last week there, which rendered her a little immobile. Otherwise, our short stay in KL would have been perfect.