Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Beading

Zara's Birthday Party on 12/7/2008

Daddy's Pride and Joy

Ke-Yin'sBirthday on 6th July 2008

Yummy Strawberries

My Mickey and Minnie

The kids love dressing up, so I am always on the look out for fun costumes for them.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Zuwern's Orff Schulwork Music Class

Birthday BBQ

We had a BBQ at home last Sat since the following day was to be my birthday and because the kids love birthday cakes and candles. Hubby went shopping for fish, prawns, crabs, etc. very early in the morning and spent a couple of hours marinating them, as well as cooking his infamous "Tu Khar". The effort was well spent as everybody that evening marvelled at the results and said he should have been a cook! Andrew even offered his services to be a helper should hubby decide to open up a restaurant!
We didn't wait until midnight to sing the Birthday song and blow the candles as the kids were getting impatient. So at around 10.40pm, we got everyone to gather around the table and sang the Birthday Song. Zerlynde and Zuwern were thrilled that they get to blow the candles. And they must be especially happy since we repeated the ritual three times! I found some sparkle candles which I remember buying sometime last year. They were beautiful and a great change from the usual.

And unexpectedly, I've got a number of great gifts this year, apart from all the lovely birthday wishes via sms, e-mails, even Facebook! Ah! I must confess I am spoilt rotten by close friends and family members this year :) I thank God for my blessings.

Decorating Mummy's Birthday Cake

My Birthday - Dinner at Souled Out

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Mummy: Zerlynde, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Zerlynde: I want to be a doctor.
Mumm: Why? I thought you wanted to be a ballerina, or a pianist.
Zerlynde: Because then I can check and take care of you everyday.
Mummy: Wow! That's so good of you. Why do you want to take care of me everyday?
Zerlynde: Because I don't want you to die.
Mummy: [shocked!] What is die?
Zerlynde: If you die, I don't have a mummy anymore. I want my mummy.....
Mummy: Don't worry. I am not going to die. I am going to take good care of myself................

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Entertaining Bedtime Reading

My Little Prince at 21 months

He's walking and running, though a little clumsy. And he still can't jump. Apart from "Mama" and "Papa", he can say "Ma maaa" (granny) and "Cheh Cheh" (elder sis). One of his first words besides the above is "star" (though a little mispronounced). I don't know why but he could say "Blue's Clue" in a sing-song way. And just these few days, he's learnt to "woof woof" like a dog. He's so adorable when he waves his hand to indicate "no".
My little prince has a heart-melting smile. We find him smiling most times. However he has a quick temper and when provoked, will turn into Mr Hyde. He has an iron will, won't take no for an answer. Takes me more than 10 months to wean him off breast milk!

Zuwern is extremely affectionate, kisses and hugs us most of the time. He loves to plant a kiss on his sister's cheek especially when she is asleep. He also has a great sense of humour, making funny faces and teases us sometimes. I couldn't help smiling everytime I look at him......... He is such a joy, and a blessing......

"Show us your cheeky face.."

Loves reading
Expert in the following activities............