Sunday, April 13, 2008

So Irresistable

Zuwern looking irresistably cute in this outfit

Jigsaw Puzzle

Zerlynde for the first time completing this 24 piece jigsaw all by herself

Purple Roses

Beautiful purple roses from Daddy on Valentines'

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Zuwern at 17 and 18 months

Arts and Crafts and Mermaids

Zerlynde loves arts and crafts and bugs me the whole day to "make something...."

She's currently going through her mermaid phase, so it's mermaid barbies, mermaid plate, mermaid books, mermaid videos, mermaid dress, mermaid this and mermaid that. All we now need is a mermaid tail to complete her obsession.

Artist in the Making


Dolphin & Ocean

Fried Egg


Zerlynde is beginning to display an inclination towards drawing. She still can't hold her pencil well, so the magnetic board helps her to express her creativity.

She definitely inherits her creativity from her daddy...

Herb Garden

Hubby has this dream of owning a herb garden. So one fine afternoon, we went shopping for plants at various nurseries around town. We found lemon basil, chilli padi and curry leaves. Hubby even ordered a tea tree oil plant which was delivered to us the following day. Unfortunately, the tree failed to survive the re-planting and dried up after a week.
Zerlynde on the other hand fell in love with a pot of hydrangeas which are still flourishing today. Talking about hydrangeas, they are truly amazing flowers, having the ability to change hues from blue to pink and vice versa depending on the acidity of the soil. Zerlynde often visit her flowers to check on their colours.
We received some seeds and tubers from someone lately from England; hollycock, geranium, lavender, cornflower, lavatera, begonia, dahlia, dill, parsley, sweet basil, chives, thyme and oregano. Lots of work to do this weekend but we must first of all, get more pots and soil.


Zerlynde truly enjoys dancing


Rakuzen has the most delicious dragon roll and the most apetizing ice-cream..

Disney On Ice

We brought the kids to Disney On Ice last Saturday. Zerlynde was thrilled to bits when Ariel The Little Mermaid appeared.

Swimming at home

The kids love "swimming" in our inflatable pool at home. Zuwern especially can't resist splashing the water whereas Zerlynde sometimes makes believe she is a fish.

Zerlynde sporting an Angelina Ballerina pendant, gift from her aunt

My Brownies

I have 2 very helpful assistants at home. Zuwern helps me fold the freshly laundered clothes and Zerlynde helps me with the shelling of the petai for daddy's dinner.