Monday, July 09, 2007

Zerlynde loves dancing

I took these pictures before Zerlynde's ballet class. She can't wait to go for her dance class every week. However, she disliked going to school. So, we stopped sending her after one term.


Mum went back to BM after having spent almost a month with us. Our Zuwern will surely miss his "LRT"! He at 9 months already knows that his cries and tantrums will without fail bring granny running to his rescue!

After lunch, we brought Zerlynde to Hannah's 3rd birthday party held at Kiz Sports and Gym at One Utama. The animal themed cake was so beautiful Zerlynde was oggling at it the whole time. As we anticipated, she couldn't resist blowing the candles after the birthday song. Zerlynde sure had a lot of fun that day. She particularly enjoyed the "magic" show and the newspaper dancing. And when the party ended, we didn't leave but lingered at the Gym till 5.30pm!

On another note, I bought a new sling and tested it out. Look how comfy Zuwern appears to be.

Seeing as 7 is my favourite number, I was hoping that we would do something special on this particular day. Unfortunately, hubby had a prior appointment, so I was left to babysit my babies alone. BUT 07.07.2007 did indeed turn out to be a memorable day. My baby boy in the morning uttered a few sounds of "ma ma" and by the end of the evening, was going "mamamamama" at full force. We are quite sure he was referring to his mama :) as he particularly screamed out loud "mamama" whenever I was out of his sight :)

Chocolate Cookies

We made chocolate cookies this afternoon

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Conversations With Zerlynde

Zerlynde: Where's Babe?
Mummy: Who's Babe?
Zerlynde: Papa Kenzu.

Zerlynde: Zerlynde's a good girl. Titi is a good boy. Mummy is a good woman. Daddy is a naughty man.

Zerlynde: What's this?
Grandma: Duc
Zerlynde: Not Duc, Duckkk!

Zerlynde: Don't want mummy to scold you (meaning me)

Zerlynde: Don't want papa to scold mummy [when daddy and mummy argue]

Mummy: Do you want a new baby?
Zerlynde: No. This is my baby (pointing to Titi)

Mummy: How many cakes do you want for your birthday?
Zerlynde: One, two, three... three cakes

Fathers' Day at Dorsett Regency

My Dad was in KL this year on Fathers' Day. We spent the day at Dorsett Regency, then window shopping at Lot 10. Dinnertime, we headed for Kar Sou Seafood Restaurant where dad said he had roasted intestines for the first time!

Zerlynde was so excited about going swmming that she refused to wear anything else except her swimsuit when we left home. So enthusiastic was she that she even pumped her own inflatable swimming ring.


Fun in the Kitchen

Zerlynde and I have been having fun in the kitchen. We made yoghurt, crumble apples and scones/biscuits over a period of 2 weeks.

These were supposed to be scones but they sure don't look it, huh! Mum took half a piece and quietly reverted back to some bought biscuits. BUT hubby says they are the nicest biscuits around, and that I may even have a market for them, especially among the elderly, the diabetic and those who don't like sweets. So, my unsuccessful attempt turned out to be otherwise ;) ;)

My Baby Boy at 9 Months

Zerlynde turned 34 months (2 years 10 months) old