Saturday, November 10, 2007

Zuwern, Show Mummy Your Tongue

Friday, November 02, 2007

Paris, Angelina

Considered by many to serve the best hot chocolate in Paris, we couldn't resist having "tea" at Angelina 226, rue de Rivoli. Kenzu tried its famed Mont Blanc, a meringue base piled with chestnut puree and whipped cream. He was unfortunately not too impressed. I was on the other hand very delighted with my hot chocolate, the most rich, creamy and smooth I've tried ever.

Paris, Eiffel Tower

We saw Eiffel Tower close-up on our 2nd evening in Paris. But when we saw it again the following day while cruising along the River Seine, we kind of went a bit wild..........

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Paris, Musee de l'Orangerie

One of my favourite Paris Museums, housing, amongst others, the spectacular Claude Monet's 8 giant (2 x 6m) panels of Nympheas (water lilies) in 2 oval galleries on the ground floor. My sister said she never thought she would have the opportunity to see those 8 panels in her lifetime. She was really moved. So was I!

Mr Darcy

Oh~ No other man makes my heart flutters so, fictional or otherwise.
I've been wanting to watch Pride and Prejudice for years. Finally, I procured the DVD from London! Watched it twice since. Well worth the wait. And now I am re-reading the book.
Is it Mr Darcy or is it Colin Firth I am in love with? For most women, this is a non-issue, as Mr Darcy IS Colin Firth.
I like this particular scene at the lakeside at Pemberly because Mr Darcy appeared to be so shy and vulnerable, a rare moment for a man known to be proud and arrogant. And I have to admit, he definitely oozes maximum sex appeal in this scene!! Reminds me of my conversation with Mats, my brother-in-law about the "wet look" ;)